PenguinTel can fix most computer problems. For most problems, especially computers infected with any form of a virus, we can reinstall Windows while preserving your data. This is the best fix as you have a clean slate, making your computer run as fast as the day it was new. Your data is confidential and there will be no judgement on how the computer acquired the problem.

If your computer is lacking in performance, we can upgrade your components. This is much more cost effective than purchasing a new computer, because many times all a computer needs is upgraded memory or hard drive space. We can do all major component upgrades including RAM, hard drives, graphics cards, and more.

If you simply want to browse the internet and type the occasional document, we can install Ubuntu, a popular and easy to use operating system. Ubuntu is immune to viruses and is perfect for anyone who likes to browse the internet. It can be installed on most computers and is faster than Windows. 

If you are a gamer looking for a new PC, we can build you one. Don't waste your money on an expensive Alienware, because we can offer the same performance at a better price. When you buy an expensive gaming computer like an Alienware, you are paying for a brand, not performance. Contact  us to discuss what you want in your machine. We can build it exactly like you want.